LATEST SUPPORTERS Name: Shyam Sundar, Designation: Professor of Medicine, Organization: Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Comments: Strongly supportive. Name: O C ABRAHAM, Designation: PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE, Organization: CHRISTIAN MEDICAL COLLEGE (VELLORE), Comments: Think globally; act locally. Name: Dr. F. D. Dastur, Designation: Consultant Physician, Director Medical Education, Organization: P. D. Hinduja National Hospital, Comments: The medical faculty wishes to strongly support the initiative provided by the Chennai Declaration. Name: James Hughes, Designation: professor of Medicine and Public Health, Organization: Emory University, Comments: the Declaration is an important initiative addressing the urgent clinical and public health challenge of antimicrobial resistance. Name: Dr PV Ramesh IAS, Designation: Principal Finance Secretary, Organization: Government of Andhra Pradesh, Comments: Excellent Initiative. I strongly endorse and support the implementation of Chennai Declaration. Name: Marin kollef, Designation: Dr., Organization: Washington University, Comments: The problem of antibiotic resistance is global and increasing. Avoidance of unnecessary broad-spectrum antibiotic use can assist in curbing this important societal problem. Name: Ramasubramanian, Designation: Consultant ID, Organization: Apollo Hospitals, Comments: Great move for the future. Name: Yaron Bar-Lavie, Designation: Director, Dept. of CCM,          Organization: Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel, Comments: I support you. Name: Subhash Todi, Designation: Director critical care, Organization: Adavanced Medicare Research Institute, Comments: "Charity begins at home" each individual physician should prescribe antibiotic with caution. Name: Christina Vandenbroucke-Grauls, Designation: Prof. Dr., Organization: VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, Comments: A most important declaration!. Name: Massimo Antonelli, Designation: Prof, MD, Organization: Università Cattolica Roma Italy, Comments: I strongly support the Chennai Declaration and in quality of President of the Italian Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine we offer the support as National Society. Name: Chand Wattal, Designation: Chairman, Organization: Dept of Clinical Micro.SGRH, Comments: Need to create awareness programs. Name: Marcos antonio cyrillo, Designation: M.D.., Organization: BRASILIAN SOCIETY OF INFECTOLOGY, Comments: Here in Brasil we have the same problems as you. Congratulations. Name: Atul K Patel, Designation: Director, Organization: Sterling Hospital, Comments: Promote ABX Stewardship program, support establishing good microbiology facility to all centers. Name: Dr Rajeev Soman, Designation: Consultant Physician & Infectious Diseases, Organization: Hinduja Hospital Mumbai          Comments: I fully support the Chennai declaration.                              




Chennai Declaration ….The way forward.

“A Roadmap to Tackle the Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance – A Joint meeting of Medical Societies in India” was organized as a pre-conference symposium of the 2nd annual conference of the Clinical Infectious Disease Society (CIDSCON 2012) at Chennai on 24th August 2012. This was the first-ever meeting of medical societies in India on issue of tackling resistance, developing a plan to formulate a road-map to tackle the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance from the Indian perspective. We had representatives from most medical societies in India, eminent policy makers from both central and state governments, representatives of World Health Organization, National Accreditation Board of Hospitals, Medical Council of India, Drug Controller General of India, and Indian Council of Medical Research, along with well-known dignitaries in the Indian medical field. The meeting was attended by a large gathering of health care professionals. The meeting consisted of plenary and interactive discussion sessions designed to seek experience and views from a large range of healthcare professionals, and included six international experts who shared action plans in their respective regions.



The intention was to gain a broad consensus and range of opinions to guide formation of the road-map. The ethos of the meeting was very much not to look back, but rather to look forward and make joint efforts to tackle the menace of antibiotic resistance. The product of this meeting was the document "Chennai Declaration".


The “Chennai Declaration," named after the city where the meeting took place, is the consensus that evolved out of the meeting and is co-authored by representatives of various medical societies. The document is based on realistic goals and objectives, with a deep understanding of the background Indian scenario. The Declaration was submitted to all stakeholders and to the Indian government.  The Indian Ministry of Health has studied the document and is in the process of formulating a national antibiotic policy incorporating the Declaration’s recommendations.


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